Sunday, 26 October 2008

Today's Homework

1. PCM page 7

2. Today you were given a very detailed sheet about a research task that you need to do. It looks like this:

Myths and Legends Research Activity

We have been looking at different Myths and Legends. We have read a lot of different ones. For homework you will need to choose one myth or legend from your HOME country – this could be one we have looked at or listened to or a completely new one.

Use the internet or books to help you answer the following questions about your Myth or Legend. You will tell the class what you have found out about your chosen Myth or Legend – if you want to present your information in an interesting way you can do this or you can simply make notes.

1. What is it about? Re-tell the story briefly.
2. When was it first told? and Who told it (which civilization)?
3. Is it relevant today? Were there any hidden meanings or lessons taught that still apply today? Or did it explain why something looks like it does (for example the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland)?
4. Have you found out anything else unusual or interesting about your Myth or Legend?
5. Is it a Myth or a Legend?

Please remember research is not printing off sheets and sheets of information. Here are a few top tips to help you research successfully.

1. Look at several different websites – not just one – you might find they say different things! It is important to check at least 3 websites and this should not be the first 3 in the list you get from a search.
2. Read the information carefully – if after 2 lines you do not understand what you are reading STOP. You need to find a child friendly site.
3. Look for information which answers the focus questions. You can enter different words into a search engine to get different results – e.g. King Arthur, King Arthur for children, Stories about King Arthur etc. This will help you get a variety of sources to help you find the information you need.

IF you do not have internet, you need to tell me, so that you can find a story on line at school then print it off and still do the task. No-one is excused.

Everyone will be making their presentations to the class in TWO WEEKS TIME (9th November) You can do a power point presentation (bring it on a USB stick) or make a poster, as long as you find out the relevant information.

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