Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Ok Guys, We have had a few instances if people 'forgetting' to bring their homework this week. Remember, I was at school once too you know. If you say 'I DID do it, but I left it at home' It is a tiny bit suspicious! Please remember:
1. To write down your homework carefully. It is ALWAYS written clearly on the board.
2. Take the relevant books home. (YOUR responsibility)
3. Bring everything back on the next day, or whenever the deadline is.
4. Leave your excuses at home!

I AM human and I do realise that sometimes, things happen at home in the afternoon or evening that prevent you from doing your homework. That is fine as long as you get an adult to jot a quick note in your diary to let me know you couldn't do it.

You SHOULD be in bed by now, having completed your wonderful cover page for your Musical Instrument Project and the PCM page about Negative numbers with the thermometer on it (p66).

Keep going, it's almost the weekend!
Mrs. W XXX

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