Thursday, 5 March 2009

This weekend's homework

Hi Guys,
Hope the weekend is going well. remember to do PCM p 105 - it's the area one where you take away the area of the holes from the total area.
Also 'Books I have Read' : Make sure you write review of ANY book you have read, not a made up story. Lots of you are still not adding enough detail to these reviews,you are good at telling a brief summary of the story but not the other parts on the second page.

Congrats to Youssef A. (pictured) for getting 'Pupil of the Week' this week. He's been working so hard on his maths this week as well as his handwriting!!!
Also well done to all the people who were selected by the class for a 'Teacher's Award' badge for being kind and supportive to each other (Anastasia, Thea and Sultan). Keep it up!

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