Saturday, 17 October 2009

Welcome to the NEW Y5.5 class!

Hello everyone,
Welcome to your very own class Blog. You can use this site to access your homework, find cool pictures of yourself and your friends at work and play and lots of other interesting information which will support your learning in Y5.5. What more you could you ask for?

The pictures are of DAY ONE.

Scenes are from our Drama activity: acting out a well-known story, and getting acquainted with the new luxurious class carpet! We are also lucky to have a new student, Deena Anwar who joins us from Bahrain. See her pictured above.

The Blog will be the most useful if as MANY of the class use it as possible. It takes time to maintain, but it will all be worthwhile if I know you are going to USE it. So, become a 'Follower' now!

Mrs. Ward

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