Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This Weekend's Homework

Hi Folks, What a lot of fun you are going to have this weekend!!!

Here are your tasks.
1. The Island Week 5 - All instructions are stuck in your homework book for you, and remember, we went through this in DETAIL in class, so I do not want anyone coming in to school on Saturday saying they didn't know what to do!!!

2. PCM p 125 - It's looking at a bar line graph and answering questions about it. See how you get on, we will be working on this concept more next week.

3. (My personal favourite!) BAKING COOKIES. That's right folks. The best way to understand weighing is to weigh ingredients :-) So you've been given a simple recipe for cookies. You should follow the recipe and weigh the ingredients yourself (not ask your mum/dad/maid to do it!). You will need help with the oven part. Take care, and look forward to eating your homework on Saturday!!!! Mmmmm.

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