Friday, 18 December 2009

Holiday homework

Hi Folks,
Officially, as you know, we do not give homework over the holidays. The emphasis should always be on spending time with your families and doing activities with them.
However, Wednesday IS a homework day, so I did set you some work for that day, which you may choose to do later.
1. Week 2 of the Oort Cloud Mission. Read the instructions carefully as this will lead you in a very specific way and will help you to write your journal in a chronological way.
2. I gave you two books for a 'Seasonal' gift. Please spend time reading them, especially the pages about the things we have learned so far in Year 5. Call it revision.
3. It is important that you continue reading during the holiday. Read anything at all, but you also have two reading log activities to complete about your reading books.

Most importantly, have a wonderful holiday with your family and I will see you in 2010!
Mrs. Ward XXX

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