Monday, 4 January 2010

Welcome Back! and today's homework

Hi Folks,
Here we are again, ready for an extremely busy term where we will have our class assembly, Swimming Gala and the Upper Primary Show as well as Book Week!

Today's homework is PCM page 14, I showed you the method for doubling today that you need to use. Take the hundreds tens, and units separately, double each one then add the bits together. If you find the doubles of the 9 numbers in the grid first, you can see which pairs make the totals down the right hand side of the page. Good luck.
You also have daily maths part one. Simple multiplication practice.

If you have not done your reading log activities, then you need to make sure you've completed these ready for when your books are changed (from Saturday).

Good to be back huh?
Mrs. W. XXX

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