Wednesday, 3 February 2010

This weekend's homework

Hi Folks,
Here's what you need to do this weekend, apart from resting and having fun that is!

1. Research Task - We have spent quite a bit of time talking about this in class. I have given you a link to a web site about the International Space Station project. It is 'kid' friendly. Use this web site, (plus the other two sites you were given earlier in the week) to answer to focus questions.
How successful do you think the Space Station projects have been in terms of International cooperation? What problems have there been? How have these been solved?

Write your notes in your brown jotter (rough) book as that is where you have started your research about space stations.

2. Number Word Problems - We have done a few of these throughout the week and we all agreed we need more practice. So you have a page of them to do. Make sure you READ the question carefully and find out what kind of calculation you need to make. Remember to write the 'explaining' sentence at the end to fully answer the questions.

Good Luck,
Mrs. W. XXX
PS Sorry I left my camera at home so no pictures of Pupil of the Week and Teacher's Award winners this week. I will add them on Saturday. Pupil of the Week is LARA and there were 5 Teacher's Awards today: Deena A, Rani, Laith, Hamza, and Yasmine. Photos to follow.

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