Saturday, 17 April 2010

Welcome Back!

Hi Folks,
It's so good to be back after what was a wonderful holiday! I am sure we are all eager to get into Term 3.
This week we have an educational visit to 'Oceanica' in Red Sea Mall. Yes, it IS educational. We are learning about the effects of forces on our bodies and what better way than to be spun round and round and flung upside down and sideways by a variety of exciting fairground rides?
That is on Monday.

For today's homework, please do PCM pages 66 and 67 about NEGATIVE NUMBERS. We spent today's maths lesson on this, so you should be ok with it. Remember when there is a - sign in front of a number it is NEGATIVE, and the higher the value of the digit, the SMALLER the negative number. It's as simple as that.

I also want you to write about a memory of a previous theme park you have been to in your PSHE journals. Remember to write about the sights, smells and sounds as well as how you felt on the rides. This is all preparation for our trip on Monday and part of the entry point for out new ITU 'The Physical World'

You have your new spelling list to learn too, so plenty to keep you busy tonight!
Have fun,
Mrs. W.XXX

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