Thursday, 20 May 2010

This Weekend's Homework

HI Folks,
Another weekend is upon us already!
Here's your homework in more detail:
1. PCM p65 is a lovely page of word problems. Yes, I know you hate them, but it's like medicine, it's GOOD for you.

2. Do the planning stage of the Lunar Theme Park Advertisement. That means:
a) If you want to do a leaflet, plan out how it will be set out on a three-fold publisher leaflet. If you have Publisher at home you can make a start on it.
b) If you are doing a RADIO commercial, you need to write down (in your blue book) exactly what you are going to say, the script in other words. We will record your voice reading it/saying it, and play it back as if it's on the radio.
c) If you want to make a TV commercial, you need to write your script the same as for RADIO, but you will have to learn it off by heart. I will video you performing your commercial, and we will play it to the class.

REMEMBER, this is another example of PERSUASIVE text. Your advertisement needs to persuade people to come to your theme park. You also need to say who you are, how much it costs to go there, opening times and describe some of the major attractions. You have all seen commercials on TV, where people are trying to make people buy stuff. Be as PERSUASIVE as you can. Why should people go to YOUR theme park?

Good luck.
Do not forget to READ and finish your Log activity too.

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs, W XXX

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