Monday, 17 May 2010

Today's Homework

Dear Folks,
Today you were supposed to do part 4 of the Lunar Theme Park. I did explain it in class but I just realised that I explained it WRONG!!! So if you're struggling with it. LEAVE IT NOW> We will go over it in class tomorrow and sort it out together.
It's my fault, I have confused you about the cafe and shop part AND the gate income. We will work through it together tomorrow.

Do not worry.

PCM p64, let's hope you found this less confusing!

Don't forget reading and Reading Log too.

Just a note. You know me well by now. If you have tried your best and you have taken 75 minutes, and you still have not finished a task, please stop. No-one should be spending longer than that on any one night.

Thanks and see you tomorrow.
Mrs. W

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