Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Day Four: Reef Expedition and World Cup Water Polo!

Hi Folks,
If ONLY I'd remembered to charge my camera battery!!! This morning we got into pairs and kayaked to the reef. Nasser was stuck with me, which was great on the way there as we reached the reef first, but unlucky for him on the way back, as he had to help me get back into the kayak. NOT EASY!!!
The reef was a bit overwhelming for some of us, but it was also really beautiful. The visibility was great and we saw lots of lovely fish, as well as an impressive lion fish hiding within the rocks. Mr Hugel also spotted a barracuda, but it was further away from the main group, luckily!
It was a tiring but rewarding trip.
After lunch, there was World Cup Water Polo! The teams were Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brazil and England. Not surprisingly, Germany won, but Mr Hugel WAS the ref.!

We had the BBQ in the afternoon and Mrs. Young cooked all the lovely food you brought. Thanks for your contributions everyone.

Also and most importantly, thanks for being a wonderful class on OE this week. It has been a pleasure to be with you all week.

Mrs. Ward

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