Monday, 28 June 2010

Day Three - Round the Island Challenge and 'Brick-it'

Hi Folks,
It was yet another blustery day on the beach so we were a bit limited as to what we could do in the water. Your first challenge was to get all 16 of you and 8 kayaks twice around the island.... Well, Makram and Hamza and Rani and Salma got themselves organised and went once round without too much difficulty... then they had to split up and help the strugglers, of which there were many! The wind just kept on blowing you back to the beach. Frustrating huh?
Eventually, everyone made it at least once round and it was a great effort from you all.
Then came the 'Brick-it!' Challenge. BOYS V GIRLS.... You had about 10 bricks each and were told to decide on a shape or a design and place the bricks under water in that shape. This was a challenge as you had to place them deep enough so that you couldn't stand up, so that the sand wasn't all kicked up, or else you wouldn't be able to see the it was diving down with snorkels, without jackets on.
I have to say, not just because I AM a girl, but the girls were totally superior. They agreed on a plan, they carried out the plan. They succeeded. The boys were not organised, had no plan and were floundering...At least they had another chance after lunch to save their embarassment! Here are some pics...

See you for the final day tomorrow. Don't forget the BBQ stuff!!!
Mrs. Ward xxx

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