Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day Two.. Developing Kayak skills and reef snorkelling

HI Folks,
It was another great day today! Everyone worked so hard as it was another WINDY day. In the morning, you were taught how to paddle your kayaks properly and how to do a controlled capsize with your partner... A brave effort from you all, but I think Hamza and Makram were the superstars of that activity.
We also had to snorkel to the reef today. That proved very challenging for some of us, including me, (who's afraid of fish and deep water). The amazing thing was that even though I was scared too, I had to stay brave as some of you were even more terrified!! The result was that we ALL did the snorkel and found that it was nowhere near as bad as we thought it was going to be. A great achievement guys.
The afternoon manhunt was not for the feint-hearted either and Mahir showed us all what he was made of by being the only person not caught in round one. Then HE caught Mr. Hugel, making it a double-win for the class!! WHAT a hero!
I was really proud of you all today, keep it up!

Mrs. Ward

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