Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
We had a fun day watching Mr. Harrison's wonderful presentation 'Winds Over Arabia' today. I am sure you all got so much out of it and we found out the answer to the Mystery Question too, didn't we? Saudi Arabia DOES have volcanoes! Who knew?

Today, just please do Daily Maths part 4 (it's another dart activity. Remember what to do from the one last week?) Just add the two darts that look the same for each letter.

READ!!! and make sure you've FINISHED your reading log, book change tomorrow. Plus I WILL be checking those reading records and I'm looking for an improvement on last week.

And tomorrow is the deadline of the HOME TOWN PROJECT. Be ready to hand it in tomorrow and we will also schedule 4 people per day next week to 'do' their presentation in front of the class.

Have a good evening,
Mrs. W.

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