Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This Weekend...

Hi Folks,
Well done on completing another week!
Your short maths activity is page 24 of your PCM book. It is pairs of numbers that make 100. It should not take you long!

Reading has been a lot more successful this week with a lot more parents signing and writing comments in your reading records. Thanks so much for that parents. If we work together. we can really make a difference!
Keep reading and talking about books every day!

We have decided when each class member will 'do' their Home Town Presentation to the class next week. Everyone knows their day, so you can be ready on the day to impress us all. I've saved all the PowerPoint presentations onto the class computer and checked of the posters, so I know everyone is ready. It was really sensible of the poster group to take theirs home again to practise their presentation over the weekend.

Yet again this afternoon, we ran out of time and I did not get a chance to do 'Pupil of the Week' with you, which was very disappointing. Hopefully we can squeeze it in on Saturday, although we do seem to have an issue with time-wasting in our class at the moment, not to mention LISTENING. I nearly lost my voice today asking you to listen so many times. Please let's make a much bigger effort with this next week.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mrs. Ward xxx

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