Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Today's News and Homework...

Hi folks,
Today, you need to do Daily Maths 4 which is practising reading your number words...it's good for you!
Remember you have your spelling test tomorrow, so spend time learning your list. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check!!!
Also, tomorrow is book changing day and me checking whether you've done your reading log, so make sure you've made a good job of it please.

Today's presentations... Nisha, Hannah, Maria, Sabrina and Thumara, a girlie day!!!

Nisha did an extremely thorough PowerPoint presentation about Palmerston North in New Zealand. She is still recovering from a cough, but still managed to give a confident presentation. She decided to use mainly images with short bullet points on the actual slides, and use hand-held notes to explain the slides in much more detail. She memorised a lot of her information too. I was really impressed by the huge amount of information Nisha had found out, and she showed a good understanding, being able to explain to the class any queries they had. She is obviously very proud of the beautiful place she is from and this was evident in her presentation. Great job Nisha!

Hannah's presentation was visually very appealing. Well organised slides with a nice plain dark background and a good mix of text and images. She said she felt that sometimes she had too much text, but what was great was that she did not feel she had to read all of the text out on every slide. Hannah overcame her nerves really well, because she was well-prepared. She had timed her talking to fit exactly with the automatic transitions on her slide show, which is really hard to do well. Well done Hannah!

Sabrina made a poster about her home town Beit Mery in Lebanon. Her poster, as you can see is well laid out with a good balance of images and text. I think it is much harder to present a poster as you feel tempted to read out all the text, as it is too small for the audience to be able to read. Once Sabrina slowed down and relaxed a bit, she delivered her presentation very well and we all learned more about another Lebanese city. Good job!

Maria also made a poster, about Kfour in Lebanon. She chose a lovely bright background and also had a good balance between pictures and text. She was tempted to read out all the text, like Sabrina, because on a poster the audience cannot read the text unless they are up close. She spoke clearly and showed an interest in what she was talking about which was lovely to see. Well done Maria.

Thumara had a difficult job being the fifth person today. She had a very well presented PowerPoint Presentation about Colombo, Sri Lanka to share with the class. Clearly a lot of preparation had gone into this and Thumara did a great job of presenting her work, even though she's still recovering from being ill earlier this week. She did read the slides with text on, which made her have to turn away from the audience and face the screen, but the highlights of Thumara's presentation were when she used just photographs and was able to explain very clearly what they showed. I was very touched by Thumara's obvious pride of her home town and country, this really came across in her presentation. Super job!

Well done everyone. We'll see the last 4 tomorrow...

Mrs. W.

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