Monday, 11 October 2010

Happy Birthday!

I just happened to be passing Maria's house this afternoon, on the way back from James' Karate, when Maria's mum popped out and said, "Have you got a minute, we are about to light the candles on Maria's cake!" Never one to turn down cake, I went in and captured the moment!
It was Nouri's birthday also today, and he told us the very unfortunate story of how a clumsy person in the bakery last night knocked a whole box of cup cakes out if his hands......ruined on the floor. Although the person offered to pay for the ruined cakes, Nouri couldn't bring them in to school today. BUT we did all share some Krispy Kremes for Maria's birthday, so it wasn't ALL bad news.
Happy Birthday to you both, and to Charbel (Maria's twin brother) as well!!
Mrs. W.

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