Wednesday, 3 November 2010

International Day in Y5.5

Hi Folks,
What an exciting day today, with the International Day Parade (you all looked AMAZING in your costumes by the way! ), sharing delicious food from around the world in our class, talking about what a 'global village' is, deciding on the history and geography of our settlements, mental maths with Mr. Geissler, times tables test and choosing a new Pupil of the Week! I was really impressed today that everyone 'had a go' at explaining what a global village is, even though you only had one evening to think about it and find out some information.

Today we talked about HOW people found out the answer, which was a really interesting exercise! Some people did the big NO NO of it, and copy down what it says without THINKING, or UNDERSTANDING what you've written down, but most people did a great job. SO today we confirmed that the term 'global village' refers to the fact that the world appears to be getting smaller because of the fact that communication, technology and travel is so easy now around the world. We can send a message to the other side of the world in a second, or see live TV coverage of events taking place across the world as it happens. This all makes the world seem smaller, like a 'village' where everyone knows each other and knows what's going on....I think we all get that now...(hopes)

Hope you enjoy the photos from today.

You have a maths work sheet for homework which should be fun (as much as homework CAN be fun!)

Parents: It's official, I HAVE collected in their reading folders today, so they don't have a school reading book to read. BUT that doesn't mean they can't read anything. They all have 2 library books and some people took a book from the class library for the weekend.

POP QUIZ: Looking at our photos, can you see how many different nationalities we have in our class, and what they are???? Answers on a postcard.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs. Ward.

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