Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tomorrow is International Day!

Hi Folks,
1. Please do Daily Maths 2 today.
2. See if you can find out what a GLOBAL VILLAGE is. If you access to the internet, you can 'google' it, but make sure you understand what it says. You could ask your parents what they think, or you could use an encyclopedia. If you can't find out. I want you to think about what it COULD mean and be prepared to tell the class what you think. You can probably make a good guess.
3. DON'T FORGET TO READ and make sure your Log task is completed.

I am going to leave the spelling test until Saturday as you only chose your words on MONDAY this week, so you can look at them again over the weekend.

Tomorrow, please bring a small amount of 'International Food' for sharing if you can. I know your mums are busy (I'm a busy mum too, so I know how it feels). If you don't have time to make anything, you can bring in some cookies or such like, but all food must be FINGER food. Nothing that needs serving up with a spoon please, it's really too difficult to deal with in class.

Looking forward to seeing you all in your National Costumes.
Mrs. W

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