Saturday, 22 January 2011

Great web site for Myths and Legends!

Hi Folks,
I have added a link on the web site section but I wanted to tell you about it here too, to make sure everyone sees it!

There is a brilliant web site where you can listen to, read and watch an animation of many, many myths and legends. I advise you to spend a few minutes each night, listening to one of the stories, to build up your repertoire. (That means the number of stories you know of in this genre/ type).
The text should be fine for all of you, but if you turn the sound on, a narrator reads (very nicely) to you, so you can count it as story time... It's a good idea to find out about as many myths and legends as you can as it will help you when we talk about the features of these types of stories and to help you make comparisons between them.

Happy reading/ listening.

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