Saturday, 22 January 2011

Today's homework etc...

Hi Folks,
Well that maths challenge certainly sorted you out last weekend!! Of course, there are hundreds of ways to make 50 when using the four operations, the question was...WHO was going to put the effort into finding the most?
Well, the responses ranged from 14 correct answers to 520!!!! I did feel sorry for Aqilah, who actually found 580. The problem was, she made a little error in the subtraction pattern she was using, and started making all the answers 51 by mistake, then carried on making them 51, for 16 more pages!!!! She showed a lot of dedication though, to keep going for so long (She still got 273 correct answers). But beware, if you use a pattern (which is really sensible) CHECK your work, because once you go wrong, you STAY wrong.
Others also did a sterling effort making over 200 questions, Dylan and Sabrina, and a few did 100 or more; Faisal and Xander. BUT the Maths Meister himself, Luke, was the run away winner with 520! Well done Luke, and well done to everyone who tried their best with this activity.

You should have done it by now as it's about bed time but:
1. Finish your spelling activity if you did not complete it in school.
2. Daily Maths 1.
3. Reading and reading Log activities - Make a start.

4. Some of you also needed to complete the Willow Pattern storyboard from today.

Have a good night's sleep, and I'll see you in the morning.


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