Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rain, rain, what a pain!

Hi Folks,
What a weird start to the day with the car park being flooded and so many people being delayed with flooded roads! It was almost like a snow day in the UK!

Today it may SEEM as though you have a lot of homework, but you should be able to manage it all well within your time limit.
Spend an hour on these tasks. If you don't finish everything, at least you have spent the required amount of time.Start with the daily maths, then the PCM, then the cover page. Reading is separate and you should still spend 15 minutes on Reading in addition to the hour.

1. Daily Maths 1
2. PCM page 36 (Multiplying by 10 and 100 - we did it in class today)
3. Do a cover page for MYTHS AND LEGENDS. You can hand draw or use images printed off, but you MUST include the text 'Myths and Legends' somewhere. Design an interesting cover page which depicts what you THINK myths and legends is all about.
4. Reading/Reading Log

Have a good evening.

Mrs. Ward


Anonymous said...

mrs ward ur making me hungry;P

Kim Ward said...

I know, lovely jelly beans. XXXXX Mmmmmmm