Monday, 24 January 2011

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
I must be getting boring in my old age...
Today do the probability page at the back of your PCM book (is it p 137) I am home now and don't have the page number in front of me. You can't mistake the page though. It's the one that asks you the likelihood of certain events.
Also MAKE sure you have completed the 15 sentences for the spelling words, I will be checking these tomorrow...
You've all got your TWO reading log tasks and reading to be getting on with too. Last week too many people did not make much effort with their reading log tasks, while others are spending a lot of time and effort.... We need to sort this out folks.
Take PRIDE in your work.
We had some great retellings of Pandora's Box today, so well done. Keep having a look at the myths and legends web site.

See you tomorrow. Remember your 1 riyal notes to buy cakes at the bake sale.

Mrs. W.


The Wilson Family said...

I think I am getting old because I am suddenly thinking, these kids don't know how lucky they are! I am sure my dad used to say that!!! Myths and Legends, Space, Settlements & 3D shapes out of kebab sticks to name a few. This is an awful lot more fun than sitting and reciting your times tables!

Kim Ward said...

Ha Ha! True! What was I thinking? Crazy I may be, boring? I hope NEVER!

Mrs. W.

Kim Ward said...
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Kim Ward said...

I accidentally posted my comment twice! I guess I was too impatient to see it appear!