Wednesday, 26 January 2011

While the cat's away....

...the mice do play!

Hi Folks,
Half the class went home today with the rain so I did not give you homework. Anyway a lot of you said you'd got a lot of Arabic to do.

NOW...I am asking you very nicely to be excellent next week when the supply teacher: Mrs. Wardle will be teaching you. Her name is ALMOST the same as mine, and she's young, intelligent and pretty, so it will almost be like having me here (don't laugh!)

SERIOUSLY, I want good reports, please, when I get back. She knows exactly what do do, and which nights you have homework, and what work to give you, so no trying to trick her. (Not that you would!)

See you in just over a week. Enjoy yourselves.
Mrs. Ward

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

Guess what?
We don't have school
Yipee Kay Ay!
next week we will have YOU!