Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Y5.5 recognised in year group Assembly!

Hi Folks,
Today was a lovely day. I am very proud of how hard you have worked on your constellation myths. Not only was Dylan in the Golden book for his, but also many of the class were able to share their art work and matching story to the whole of Year 5 in Assembly today. Some people chose to read their own out, others asked me to read for them while they held up their painting.

It was a proud moment. Thanks.

As for homework, today you have two PCM pages, one is about mulitplcation and division (p15) and the other is a really fun symmetry page (p116). Enjoy! And remember, tomorrow we have Reading Workshop with the CAS students, so you need to have completed both your tasks and read both your books by tomorrow morning.
have a great evening.
Mrs. W.

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