Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Have a great Weekend!!!

Hi Folks,
Well done on a very productive first week back to proper school after the flood closure. We've almost finished our mythological creatures and I will take photos of the finished ones over the weekend, so that everyone can see how great they are!
Some of your descriptions were amazing. Extremely creative! Well done on those. We also had a look at some pictures this week depicting parts of myths and legends. This was quite hard as I don't think you have spent much time discussing paintings before, but most of you had a pretty good attempt at analysing the artists' work.

I have put a few more links on the web site links which might help you with finding information about your home country myth or legend. Remember, if you can't find a story from your specific country, find one from the region where your country is.

On Saturday, two students from Y5.3 are coming to present their stories to us, to inspire you and give you confidence for when you do yours on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs. W.

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