Saturday, 12 February 2011

Today in Y5.5

Hi Folks,
You are still working on your presentations, so I am not overloading you today.
Just do Daily Maths 1 and make a start on your new reading books and log tasks. Also IF you did not finish your anagram spelling task from class today, please finish it.
Tomorrow, I will give you a checklist which you can use to help you practise your presentation at home, then I will use the same checklist when I am watching you when you do your performance at school. This will help you to focus on all the things that will make your presentation GREAT.

Today Sam and Arman from Y5.3 came in to show us their presentations. They were both really thorough and did a super job of showing you exactly what you can achieve with a bit of effort and the right attitude. Use them as your inspiration!

Riad had a very special day too, in his role as Deputy Student Councillor, he got to interview the three prospective Head teachers today. Wow!!! When I asked him who he would give the job to, he answered "It's so hard, they are all so nice." What a lovely thing to say. I am sure all the candidates would have appreciated that.

Have a lovely evening.
Mrs. Ward. XXX


Anonymous said...

thx for the nice comment :)

Anonymous said...

mrs.Ward since syria was lebanon,palastine and more can i do a myth from those countries?

Anonymous said...

sorry i spelled palestine wrong:)

Kim Ward said...

Yes Nouri, that's fine :-)