Monday, 7 February 2011

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
You should have stuck this is in your diary:

Homework Y5
Researching a myth or legend from your home country.
We are going to do two different tasks about this. This week is the FIRST part.
Find a myth or legend which comes from your home country, or the region of your country.
If possible print out some pictures from the story or save them on your flash drive, or as slides on a powerpoint. NO TEXT.
Next week, you will be asked to tell the story to the class as an oral presentation. You are allowed to show pictures via your printed pictures or show images on a Powerpoint presentation on the Interactive white board.
You can have a whole week to get ready for this. We will do the presentations next Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have spent a long time explaining this research task so there should be NO confusion. Basically, I am trying to get you to do two things by giving you this task. Firstly, find out about a story which is from the same part of the world as you, to increase your knowledge of myths and legends. Secondly, to improve your presentation skills when addressing the whole class. So NO reading off slides or notes. Just you speaking with the aid of images. You can use key words, like character names or place names on your slides if using Powerpoint, but no other text.
let's see what you come up with for next week!

Also, please do PCM 38 tonight. Don't forget to read!

Mrs. W.

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