Thursday, 17 March 2011

Creating our own theme park!

Hi Folks,
Here are some pictures of the fairground rides our class invented this week. Most groups went for a rollercoaster theme, but one group had the original idea of having a merry-go-round theme with a difference. Have you ever been on a merry-go- round that you need to wear a wet suit and a snorkel for? Yes! It's true, the ride not only dips you in water on the way round, but also drops you under the water at the end in your riding capsule where you are taken through the water to the ride exit, and the inevitable ride shop!!! Good thinking!
We also have a couple of death defying roller coasters with lethal drops and perilous loops, completely designed and made by the groups. Those art straw tracks were tricky, so well done!.
We then had a very exciting Whale themed roller coaster which takes the riders shooting up on the whale's water spout, squirted by the black ink from a giant squid, then washed off and cleaned before you get off. Sounds thrilling.
Lastly but not leastly we had the Christmas themed roller coaster, taking you along the track in a reindeer-pulled sledge. This ride is also so unique; you even get snowed on during the ride!
Well done to you all.
Mrs. Ward

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