Saturday, 19 March 2011

Today's homework etc...

Hi Folks,
I just typed this all out at school, then the internet crashed, so I rushed home and I am hoping it works this time!

There WAS going to be daily maths but there was a problem, so we had to collect them in again... so no daily maths today.

You have a coordinates activity where the coordinates are on one sheet and the grid is on the other. The little square represents the HORIZONTAL AXIS, the little triangle represents the VERTICAL AXIS. You plot the points, then join up the dots to reveal a picture. I am sure you can guess what they picture will be by the theme!!!

You all have new reading groups today. Sorry Thumara, Ryan and Hannah missed their ACTUAL reading time, but I still gave you the books and task and you can read tomorrow.

You have new spelling words too.

Also, for those people who did not manage to do the Gravity sheet for the Wet Day Wednesday homework, you NEED to do this as I want to talk about it in class tomorrow. I gave everyone who wasn't able to print it out a copy today.

Have a fun evening.
Mrs. W.

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