Wednesday, 30 March 2011

It's Show Time!

Hi Folks,
I think we have all be pretty preoccupied with the preparations for the show this week. We only have a handful of students who are not in the show, and the SHOW PEOPLE are excused from homework (apart from reading) for the time being as they have to spend such long hours at school they won't have any time to relax or eat if we give them homework!! You will find that I will not over burden the non show people either this week, as I don't want to give you stuff that I really need everyone to do.

Just a note to all our free readers. Whatever you may have told your parents, even if you are a free reader, it does not mean you are FREE from having to read aloud to your parents. Whatever your reading level, you should practise reading aloud. I do, when I read you books in class, and I enjoy it very much. It is a skill that even the best readers need to develop. It will help you with any reading aloud opportunities that will come your way; performance reading, assembly, public speaking, reading to your little siblings, reading to your own children in the future.

Please make sure that you STILL read aloud to your parent and that they sign your record to show that you have done it, whatever your reading level.

Thanks. I will see most of you tomorrow at rehearsal at 10 am. Everyone else have a super weekend.


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