Saturday, 2 April 2011

Show Week at BISJ

Hi Folks,
Well, this is the start of show week. No doubt you have already ntoiced that there will be some unusual things happening not to mention that tomorrow night is the first night of 'Ali Baba and the 37 and a half Thieves'. I hope you've all got tickets. Actually, most of our class have followed in my footsteps and are IN the show, but 6 people aren't, so we hope they will come and lend their support.We had a very successful dress rehearsal this morning!

There will be no homework for show people this week.
In addition, a letter has gone home today from Mr. Hugo, giving permission for show people to come to school at 9:30 on the days of the show, as you will be VERY tired.

Everyone else for today has new reading books and Daily Maths 1 and a new set of spellings. If you did not finish your spelling activity, you can also do that.

Have a good evening.
Mrs. Ward

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