Sunday, 20 March 2011

Today in Y5.5!

Hi Folks,
We got our Year 2 buddies today. We are sooooo lucky as we get to be paired with Mrs. Sowerby's Y2 class as there aren't enough Y1 classes to go around. We started preparing our myth by writing a plan today (some of you are finishing off at home. Remember ONLY the plan, not the whole thing. We are going to work on each section to make it a really good myth for our buddies.)
Instead of daily maths today you have PCM p 65, (except Hannah who could choose from 65.66 or 67 as she has some catching up to do from when she was away).

Reminder: It is our Swimming Gala on Wednesday. EAST won the Y3/4 Gala today! Remember this is a SCHOOL EVENT which you are ALL expected to turn up to school for and participate in. If you don't come to school, we WILL call and check on why you are absent. Anyway, I am sure that won't be an issue as you will all have a great time and enjoy swimming and supporting your house.

GO TO BED now, if you haven't already. I know I will be soon (very soon).

Here's hoping Nizar brings back some good news for us from the BSME Games in Qatar!

See you tomorrow.
Mrs. W.

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