Saturday, 30 April 2011

Welcome Back!

Hi Folks,
Wooooo Hoooooooo! It's great to be back! What a great start to the term with EVERYONE in today as we started making preparations for our class assembly (which is on Wednesday 11th May).
We are going to showcase everyone's special talents in the assembly, and you will be preparing what you want to say about your skills, talents and interests outside of school as part of today's homework. We have an extremely talented class this year and it will be lovely for everyone else to see you shine at what you are good at.

Other homework for today is the angles work on PCM page 121 (remember you either subtract from 90 or 180 depending on the example to find the missing number)
along with Daily Maths 1 which is revision of multiplication facts.

You also all have a new reading book today and log tasks for the week, and a new spelling list! Phew, we must have worked hard today!

See you tomorrow and we will start to put your amazing talents together into some sort of structure for the assembly.

If the 4 guitarists would like to start bringing their guitars to school, that would be helpful, as you need to practise together if you are going to perform together as a group. Same with the two violinists.

Mrs. Ward

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