Sunday, 1 May 2011

Y5.5's Got Talent!

Hi Folks,
I am so excited about our assembly! You are SUCH a talented bunch, we are sure to WOW the crowds next week. Thanks for all your hard work on coming up with some good words to say about your various talents. I just need to string it together now with an amazing Powerpoint and some music. If you have a photograph of you DOING your activity, can you please bring it in on a memory stick so that I can include it in the powerpoint. Strong visuals will help our assembly to look better,in fact if you don't have a picture, can you take one THIS WEEK. Save it as a jpeg and I will use it.
Thanks for that. Also, if you are talking about a sport, you need to dress in the gear AND bring the equipment i.e. tennis racquet, football, basketball. If you are going to be performing on your instrument, you can dress up in your best Concert outfits!

Today, it is Arabic homework day, so please just do Daily Maths 2 and READ tonight for me.

See you tomorrow.
Mrs. Ward

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