Saturday, 7 May 2011

Assembly minus 4 days...

Hi Folks,
Assembly FEVER has hit the class. We can't WAIT to get up there and SHAKE IT!!!!!! You are going to be so awesome, I just know it. IF IF IF IF IF IF You learn the song properly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on guys, lets get those choruses RIGHT!

Today's homework is the angles work, just making sure you know how to find those missing angles. You don't need a protractor for these.
You all have new readers and log tasks, and we had three promotions today. Kareem and Maria up to Pale Blue and Aqilah up to Purple. Well done guys, you've been working hard.
You have a spelling list about electricity and magnetism and your activity if you did not finish it in class.

LEARN that song guys... our reputation as an awesome class depends on it!

Get those photos in asap please so I can complete the PowerPoint Presentation.

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