Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do YOU ever feel like a plastic bag?

Hi Folks,
What a busy day preparing for our assembly. So we have settled on a song now. 'Firework' by Katy Perry. Sooooo cool compared to the High School Musical one I chose originally. I'm sure it will sound AMAZING, especially when we have polished up the soloists!!! I will try and get some CDs to those 8 people to get practising but you can listen to it on YOuTUbe. Do not watch the video, but use the link I gave you today which just shows the lyrics.
Don't forget, I will need at least one photo of you doing your 'talent'. Thanks to Nouri, who brought his today. I will be putting together the PowerPoint over the weekend, and although I can add the pictures in after that, I would like them asap please.

Today's homework is an angle sheet, practising estimating and measuring angles using a protractor. those who did not have their own were ALL given a protractor so there are no excuses for not doing your homework!

Also please learn your assembly words and the bits you need to do in the song.
Don't forget to read and work on your Log Tasks too. (due by Saturday)

Tomorrow, we hit the Russ Law Hall for the first practise in there!. Bring it ON!.


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