Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back to reality!

Hi Folks, It was hard coming down from the high of our assembly last week but you all did such a super job!
Today we have been busy with our magnetism investigations. You have a short research task this week, due Tuesday/ Wednesday. I gave out a printed sheet of instructions but here it is again for those people who lose papers on the way home!

Research task: Y5 Magnetism

Investigate an example of how magnetism is used in everyday life. Either prepare a short explanation of how the Earth’s core is a magnet and how this affects us OR a short explanation about how the BULLET TRAIN works, using magnetism.
You only need to talk to the class for 1-2 minutes. You do NOT need to make a PowerPoint presentation OR a poster, but you may do so if you wish. You need to show where you gathered your information and you should show your understanding of what you choose to research, not just read from notes copy and pasted from the internet.
The following web sites may be of use, but you can find your information from anywhere you think appropriate.
The Earth
The Bullet Train

We will do the talks on Tuesday/ Wednesday of this week. Remember keep it short, just summarise the main points and show what you have found out.

You also have Daily Maths part 1. I am not giving you a new spelling list this week, as we need to do more work on last week's words before you have a new set.

Don't forget to READ!! and make a start on your log tasks.

Mrs.W. XXX

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