Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Congratulations and have a lovely weekend!

Hi Folks,
You were amazing this morning! So confident, yet controlled and you were all masters of your talents! So many people spoke to me during the day and said how well you did. I was, as I knew I would be, so VERY proud of you all and I know your parents felt the same. Thanks for making my last assembly at BISJ very special.
The roses are beautiful, and what a lovely idea, so thanks to Mrs. B. and Mrs. M. for organising that. A lovely surprise.

Next week it is full steam ahead and we have some science to catch up on, but we will get there.

Have a rest this weekend, you deserve it.

See you on Saturday. We will do the spelling test from this week on Saturday, AND Pupil of the Week. (I have a surprise up my sleeve for that!)

Mrs. Ward XXX
Thanks to Mrs. Tabsh for the photos.

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