Monday, 11 October 2010

Today's News and Homework...

Hi Folks,
Late again, but it was SUCH a hectic afternoon. Anyway, I am here now...
Today's homework is PCM page 27 and Daily Maths 3, plus reading, learning spellings and reading log if you haven't completed it already.

Now, onto today's events. It was Maria and Nouri's birthday's today... more on that later!

The Home Town Presentations today were by Faisal, Sara, Nizar and Firas...
First up was Faisal. His presentation about Jeddah included some stunning images of the city. He used clear, large fonts with not too much text, so his slides were not over-crowded. It was clearly his own work, which was pleasing to see, and his presentation was made extra-special by the inclusion of his famous grandfather: Hisham Nazer, who used to be Minister for Planning/Oil, but is now the Saudi Ambassador in Egypt. Faisal knew his material and he is clearly proud of his family heritage which was lovely to see.

Sara's presentation was also about Jeddah; hers was colourful and everyone loved the waving flag icon. It was interesting to see her tell us about different things, even though it was the second presentation about Jeddah. It shows what a large amount of information is out there to be discovered. The impressive thing about Sara's presentation was that she memorised her text. She looked at the audience throughout, and did not read any of the slides. Everyone was impressed!

Nizar said he felt unprepared, but his presentation on Beirut was very well put together. He took on board feedback from the class about speaking a bit more clearly and raising his voice a little at the start, and he went on to impress us with his knowledge of the city of Beirut. The images were very impressive (the class commented on the clever transitions he used), the text was well thought out and organised on the slides and Nizar showed that he had a good understanding of the information he presented. Great job!

Firas was next, and he showed us his presentation about Lebanon. Again he decided to do Lebanon as the whole country instead of his own home city of Beirut. He had clearly found out a lot of facts about the country. His best slides were those with little or no text, as Firas could explain them to the class, for example her knew about how the design of the flag of Lebanon came about. The slides with a lot of text had a lot of difficult words on them, and Firas realised that you should always make sure you use words that you understand when you are presenting to people, as they might ask questions! He used a good clear voice and found some great images to compliment his presentation, so another good job.

I have been very impressed so far. The standard of these presentations on the whole is very high, and I can see how much time has gone into these. I'm looking forward to the rest of the class...

Mrs. W.

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