Sunday, 10 October 2010

More Home Town Presentations!

Hi Folks,
Today is just a mini homework day, 10 minutes of maths in the shape of Daily Maths 2 and Reading/ reading log...

We were treated to 2 more presentations today (it should have been 4 but Nisha and Thumara are ill, so they'll do theirs when they get back!).First up today was Henri. He was a bit nervous at first but he soon got into the swing of it as he told us all about Cape Town. What an amazing place! Henri's slide show was well organised with a nice plain background which did not distract from the information. The plain background also helped the pictures to show up well. He had found some amazing images to support the research he had done. A great job Henri. Remember though for the future, try NOT to read out the slides to the audience. If you know your stuff, you shouldn't need to.
Next up was Kareem and he took us all by surprise by doing a completely ORIGINAL presentation in the form of a large comic book he had made. His home town is Washington DC and the comic book is a conversation between Kareem and his dad as they look around the city and talk about it. GREAT IDEA Kareem. He drew the cartoons himself, and told us that his mum helped him to put the text together and make the actual book. I was really impressed by the fact that he was a RISK-TAKER, doing something different to everyone else. Well done to both boys today.
Mrs. W. XXX

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