Saturday, 9 October 2010

Today's News and Homework...

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the lateness of this post. James started Karate today and this is my first chance this evening to go on the Internet!
The homework...
PCM page 25
Spelling activity
Daily Maths 1

and not forgetting reading!!!!

We had the first 4 of the Home Town Presentations today and WOW!!! Did we get off to a great start. It was really hard for Dylan to go first, but he was AMAZING. Great humour, really good information, good balance of text and images, he knew what he was talking about and he engaged the audience really well. We all learned a lot about Port Elizabeth, and it's now on my wish list for a holiday. What a hard act to follow!!! However, the other three of today's presenters had a pretty good go! Mohamad, although more nervous, got lots of compliments about the bright and colourful presentation he showed us about Lebanon. Technically, Lebanon is the COUNTRY he is from, not the home town though.... (same applied to Aboudi too!) Mohamad impressed me with the fact that it was clearly HIS work. He knew his stuff and did not read out all the slides and he had some great images.
Next came Aboudi... Another confident presentation. He did well to accept the comments from the class and me about considering NOT reading out the slides next time. Reading the slides is NOT a good technique for anyone giving a presentation. His presentation also very colourful with interesting information. Last of today's presenters was Xander, and WOW! we had a treat. His not only included some stunning images of Montreal, but also included video clips relevant to the information on the slides. Not too much text and good explaining helped Xander to deliver an excellent presentation. Fantastic job boys... let's see how tomorrow's group go!!!!

I can hardly wait!
Mrs. W.

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